The Present of a Lifetime

A Handcrafted & Personalised Single Malt Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

Evoke childhood memories of the lead-up to Christmas by enjoying a daily dram with your own bespoke Whisky Advent Calendar.

The Whisky Advent Calendar is a unique (and if you wish: personalised) gift for a true lover of Scotland’s ”uisge beatha”. The Calendar contains a selection of 24 5cl (50ml) Single Malt Scotch Whiskies of varying ages and tastes. The selection covers all of the Whisky regions and will prove to be a memorable and treasured gift that can be refilled and enjoyed year after year. The Calendar has been lovingly handcrafted in Austria by skilled artisans and will take pride of place on any bookshelf or whisky bar.

Handcrafted Elements Include:

  • Inner wooden case and drawers made from fine wood
  • Slipcase made of fine goat leather, vegetable-tanned and coloured to resemble the colour of Scottish moss
  • book spines crafted from goat leather by an antique book restorer providing a unique patina and an immediate look and feel of authenticity
  • Titles that are indidvidually applied using a special gold foil technique
  • Indidvually numbered and custom made brass handles
  • Custom made velvet bags each holding a 5cl (50ml) bottle of whisky in original packaging or gift tube
  • a hand stiched leather bound tasting notebook that is stored within the calendar